Website Security Hawaii

Big Island Websites offers website security solution services here on the Big Island of Hawaii and beyond. We provide security solutions from the basic website or blog to complex and sensitive E-Commerce and health care websites. Offering affordable web security for small businesses. All of our services are performed by a team with years of experience in enterprise and web security, holding top industry certifications and training.

Baked-in Security

We bake security into every new website and offer review and solutions for existing websites. Offering basic security to in-depth security for sensitive websites such as e-commerce.

WordPress Updates

We maintain customer’s WordPress platforms, themes, and plugins to stay ahead of security threats. Incorporating best practices and security enhancements, we can thwart away 99% of the bad guys.

SSL Certificates

Have an E-Commerce site and want to elicit more confidence in your customers? Enable added security with an SSL certificate. We can install an SSL certificate on your website so you can achieve green status.

Web Server Hardening

We start web security at the core offering web server hardening and auditing using latest techniques to assess web server security. We’ll scan your server and send you a custom health report.

Malware scans

Malware scans to ensure your site is not infected with malicious code or controlled by nefarious threat actors. We’ll scan and send you a custom health report so you know the exact state of your web site.

Full Backups

Automatic backups and secure storage of your entire site on our secure platform. We run our own sites and know the importance of safe and secure backups in-case the inevitable happens.

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